How do I send keystrokes like Ctrl+T that are also browser hotkeys?

Certain key combinations are difficult to enter into the TinyPilot web dashboard because they're also browser hotkeys. These key combinations include Ctrl+T and Ctrl+W.

Use on-screen keyboard

The simplest way to send browser hotkeys to the remote machine is to use TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard.

For example, to send Ctrl+W, click the left Ctrl key, then click the W key:

If you don't see TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard, enable it with View > Show Keyboard.

Use Chrome "App Mode"

An alternative method for Chrome users is to run Chrome under App Mode.

To use TinyPilot in Chrome's App Mode:

  1. Visit your TinyPilot web dashboard.
  2. Click the Chrome menu button ( or ).
  3. Select More toolsCreate Shortcut.
  4. Edit the name if you wish, and click OK.

This will create a TinyPilot shortcut on your desktop that launches Chrome in "App Mode," which will handle browser-specific key combinations like Ctrl+T and Ctrl+W properly.

Alternatively, you can launch Chrome in App Mode from the command prompt.

On Windows:

"%PROGRAMFILES%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app=https://tinypilot.local

On macOS and Linux:

google-chrome --app=https://tinypilot/