How do I log in to TinyPilot over SSH?

Enabling SSH access

Current versions of TinyPilot

To enable SSH access, navigate to System > Security in the web application:

Click System from the navigation bar and then Security from the submenu

In the Security Settings dialog, set the "Enable SSH access" toggle to active:

Click enable SSH toggle in center of Security dialog

Once SSH is enabled, you can access your device over SSH with any SSH client via:

ssh pilot@tinypilot

Before TinyPilot Pro 2.3.1

In TinyPilot Pro 2.3.1, SSH access was enabled by default, so nothing was required to turn it on.

Default credentials

TinyPilot's default SSH credentials are:

  • Username: pilot
  • Password: flyingsopi

For security, you should run passwd after your first login to select a secure, unique password.