Affiliate Program Policy


This page is for partners of TinyPilot's Affiliate Program.

It explains the ways affiliate partners may promote TinyPilot products and how TinyPilot will compensate them for purchases they refer.

Applying to the Affiliate Program

TinyPilot's affiliate program is by invitation. We don't advertise the program or link to it from our website.

If you haven't yet been invited but you're interested in TinyPilot's program, we are open to new affiliates if they can provide a mutually beneficial partnership with TinyPilot.

To apply to TinyPilot's affiliate program, please email with the following information:

Payout Rates

Affiliates earn commission on the sale price of the TinyPilot, excluding shipping and taxes.

ProductAffiliate Commission
Voyager 2a12%
TinyPilot Pro40%


If, in one month, you refer the sale of 10 Voyagers, 5 Hobbyist Kits, 20 Power Connectors, and 2 TinyPilot Pro licenses, your payout the following month would be:

ProductSale PriceQuantityAffiliate Commission
Voyager 2a$389.9910$467.99 (12%)
TinyPilot Pro$79.992$63.99 (40%)


There are no exclusions to the above rates.

Coupon Codes

TinyPilot is currently not offering coupon codes to affiliates, though this may change in the future.

Creating Affiliate Links

To create an affiliate link, just append your affiliate suffix to any TinyPilot URL


Your referral ID is the domain name of your website or your main social media handle (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter).

For example, if your website is, create affiliate links that look like this:

Tracking Sales

TinyPilot currently doesn't have a live dashboard for tracking affiliate sales, but I'm working on one.

In the meantime, I'll let you know when you've made your first sale, and I'll report your totals to you at the end of the month.


Respect the customer

Affiliates must only promote TinyPilot products in an honest, transparent way.

Viewers and readers should understand that you are in a business partnership with TinyPilot.


For blog posts and videos

Affiliates must mark their affiliate links as such and give a brief explanation of what an affiliate link is.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn money from purchases. This never affects the price that you pay.

The viewer should see the affiliate disclosure either before or at the same time as they see the affiliate link.

For text or display ads

If you promote TinyPilot in a format that presents the link clearly as an ad, additional affiliate disclosure is not required.

  • Acceptable
    • A banner ad showing TinyPilot and inviting users to purchase
    • A text ad saying "[website] is sponsored by TinyPilot, the best way to manage your servers remotely."
  • For YouTube videos

    If your video or description contains affiliate links, you must mark your video as, "My video contains paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship, or endorsement," in YouTube studio.

    Video descriptions that include an affiliate link must follow the guidelines for blog posts and videos.

    For Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts

    Affiliate links should include the hashtag #ad or #sponsored.

    Unacceptable promotion

    Affiliates may not promote TinyPilot through practices that are deceptive or predatory, such as:

    Affiliates should not bid on TinyPilot brand keywords ("tinypilot" or "tiny pilot") on pay-per click advertising services such as Google Ads, although other forms of pay-per click advertising are allowed.


    TinyPilot pays out affiliate earnings one month after the month they are accrued. For example, if you refer a sale on March 29th, you will receive payment on May 1st.

    I pay via PayPal, Payoneer, ACH transfer, or (in the US) a mailed check, depending on your preference.


    If the customer cancels or returns their order for a refund, this nullifies any affiliate commission associated with the order.

    Referral Period

    TinyPilot stores the affiliate referrer in the local storage of the user's browser for 30 days (the referral period).

    Any purchase the user makes within this period (including repeat purchases) counts toward the affiliate's commission.

    In cases where multiple affiliates referred the user to TinyPilot, the most recent affiliate receives credit for the sale.


    Affiliates must refer at least one sale per month to remain in the program.

    The affiliate partnership begins with a three month grace period, during which there are no minimum requirements.


    If you earn more than $600 per calendar year, you'll need to provide some forms for tax purposes.


    Affiliates will receive 30 days notice via email before any changes to this policy go into effect.

    In rare cases, policies may go into effect immediately if they are necessary to comply with external legal or policy requirements.


    TinyPilot or the affiliate partner may end this relationship at any time.

    After termination, TinyPilot will pay any accrued affiliate commissions on the normal payout schedule, but the affiliate will not accrue additional commissions.