TinyPilot Pro


TinyPilot Pro is an enhanced version of TinyPilot that offers additional features for IT professionals and power users.


  • HTTPS Protection: Add end-to-end encryption to TinyPilot's web interface, allowing you to access TinyPilot even on untrusted networks.
  • Password authentication: Secure your TinyPilot with a username and password to prevent unauthorized access.

Coming soon

Here are some of the TinyPilot Pro enhancements planned for 2021:

  • Mount virtual drives: Dynamically mount storage volumes on your target system right through the web browser. Add any file or boot image you want, and the target system will see it as a USB storage device.
  • Manage power: Connect TinyPilot directly to a power strip so that it can cycle power when the machine becomes unresponsive.

Software updates

  • Free updates for a year: Your purchase includes free TinyPilot updates and new features for 12 months after your purchase.
  • Use it forever: When you purchase TinyPilot Pro software, it's yours to keep. You'll never be locked out of your device for an invalid license.

Hardware packages

A TinyPilot Pro license is included with any purchase of a Voyager or Hobbyist kit.

If you purchased a TinyPilot before 2021, send me an email for instructions on how to upgrade for free.