What's New in TinyPilot's March 2022 Update

TinyPilot's March release adds support for multiple users, improves hardware compatibility, and includes two security fixes.

Credentials for multiple users

TinyPilot Pro has always supported authentication with a username and password, but it's been limited to a single set of credentials. If multiple people share access to the same TinyPilot device, they have to share their credentials.

In the latest release, TinyPilot allows you to add multiple authorized users:

TinyPilot security dialog showing multiple user accounts

You no longer have to share credentials, as each user can have their own distinct username and password.

Improved hardware compatibility

In previous releases, TinyPilot always presented a USB drive to the target computer, regardless of whether you had mounted a disk image.

TinyPilot appears in Dell BIOS boot menu

Some non-networked KVM switches and other hardware devices don't support USB drives. If you connect TinyPilot to these devices, keystrokes and mouse movements could fail to go through because the devices didn't recognize TinyPilot when it enabled virtual media.

In the latest release, TinyPilot only presents a USB drive when you explicitly mount a disk image. This change improves hardware compatibility, as the target device doesn't need to recognize TinyPilot's virtual media drive unless you're actively using it.

Security fixes

This release includes fixes for two medium-severity security issues.

See the security advisories for full details:

Known issues

Because of the security fixes in this release, this update will log out any active TinyPilot web dashboard sessions.

If your TinyPilot has password authentication enabled, you will see the update dialog time out with the error message "Authentication required."

Screenshot of TinyPilot update dialog reporting

This error message is benign. Reloading the page will complete your update.

Full changelog

For the full list of changes in TinyPilot Pro 2.4.0, see the changelog.

Updating to the latest version

You can update to the latest version of TinyPilot by clicking System > Update in the navigation bar:

The update button is located in the navbar under System

Written by Michael Lynch, TinyPilot Founder and CEO