What's New in TinyPilot's September 2023 Update

TinyPilot's September release introduces Dedicated Window mode and improves the user experience for pasting text from your clipboard.

Improve focus with Dedicated Window mode

One request we've heard consistently from our customers is for TinyPilot to offer a simple view of their remote screen with no TinyPilot menus or status bars.

In the latest version of TinyPilot, you'll find a new option under the View menu called "Dedicated Window."

Screenshot of option under View menu showing

When you select that option, TinyPilot will pop out a separate browser window that contains only your remote screen with no other distractions:

A demo of TinyPilot's Dedicated Window feature

Improving the clipboard paste experience

TinyPilot added support for pasting text to your remote device almost three years ago. Unfortunately, the UI for that feature hasn't received much investment, so it was in desperate need of a touch-up.

Screenshot of paste feature from TinyPilot Pro 1.1.0

Screenshot of paste feature from TinyPilot Pro 2.6.0

The paste interface in October 2020 (left) vs. August 2023 (right)

Customers reported that TinyPilot's paste experience was confusing — the UI disappeared unexpectedly if you clicked the mouse or pressed the wrong key.

TinyPilot's September release revamps the paste interface. It's now a simple, familiar dialog with clear behavior.

TinyPilot's improved paste experience is more intuitive and consistent with the rest of TinyPilot's UI.

Faster updates

For the past year, we've been improving TinyPilot's update process to make it faster and more reliable. The September release includes our most significant improvement yet.

The latest release of TinyPilot Pro installs 90% faster than TinyPilot Pro 2.5.4 and 80% faster than the previous release, TinyPilot Pro 2.6.0.

Graph showing update speed dropped from 320 seconds (2.5.3 to 2.5.4 update) to 176 seconds (2.5.4 to 2.6.0 update) to 34 seconds (2.6.0 to 2.6.1 update)

The new update experience isn't just faster — it's simpler, too. We purged the complex legacy components that were slowing down updates and replaced them with modern tools.

Full changelog

For the full list of changes in TinyPilot Pro 2.6.1, see the changelog.

Updating to the latest version

You can update to the latest version of TinyPilot by clicking System > Update in the navigation bar:

The update button is located in the navbar under System

Written by Michael Lynch, TinyPilot Founder and CEO