What's New in TinyPilot's November 2023 Update

TinyPilot's November release introduces improved H.264 network compatibility, reduced video latency, and more improvements to pasting text.

Improved H.264 network compatibility

Have you ever hit this error when you try to enable TinyPilot's faster H.264 streaming mode?

The TinyPilot web interface is open, displaying 'No Signal'. A yellow warning triangle highlights a warning that TinyPilot failed to stream video using H.264. A red arrow points to the warning information.

In prior versions of TinyPilot, complex network setups could cause H.264 streaming mode to fail.

The issue occurs when your browser is unable to make a direct connection to your TinyPilot device. You may have seen that error when you tried to connect to your TinyPilot over the Internet or from a different local network.

This month's TinyPilot Pro release helps you resolve H.264 connection issues by using a public STUN server. In most cases, a STUN server will resolve connection issues you encounter when accessing your TinyPilot over complex network setups.

TinyPilot's Video Settings interface is open to the H.264 dialogue. The new 'Advanced settings' section is highlighted. A Google STUN server is selected.

New advanced video settings enable streaming compatibility for more networking setups.

H.264's video settings dialogue allows you to specify a STUN server in the new "Advanced Settings" section.

For more information about STUN integration, see our help article, "Do I need a STUN server?"

23% faster video performance

Because TinyPilot controls your computer over the network, there will always be some delay between something like moving your mouse and seeing the mouse cursor move on your remote screen. This delay is called "latency." The lower the latency, the snappier and more responsive your TinyPilot feels when you enter keystrokes or move your mouse.

In the first version of TinyPilot, video latency was around 200ms using MJPEG. After TinyPilot Pro 2.5.2 introduced H.264 video earlier this year, TinyPilot achieved 150ms using the new streaming mode.

A graph showing video latency improvements. H.264 on TinyPilot Pro 2.6.1 is 150ms. H.264 on TinyPilot Pro 2.6.2 is 140ms. MJPEG on TinyPilot Pro 2.6.1 is 200ms. MJPEG on TinyPilot Pro 2.6.2 is 150ms.

The latest version reduces video latency in both H.264 and MJPEG streaming modes. In H.264 mode, average latency drops from 150ms to 140ms, a 9% speedup. In MJPEG mode, average latency drops from 200ms to 154ms, a 23% speedup.

Paste even longer text

Previous versions of TinyPilot had a bug that would cause the clipboard paste functionality to fail when you tried to paste 1,000 characters or more. On slow network connections, this limit could be even lower.

A screenshot of the TinyPilot web interface in TinyPilot Pro 2.6.1. A text editor is open on a remote PC. The text is cut off part way through pasting.

A bug in previous TinyPilot releases could cause pastes of long text sequences to fail.

In this update, we rearchitected TinyPilot's paste functionality so that you can paste as much text as you want. Combined with September's changes to TinyPilot's paste interface, pasting with TinyPilot is now seamless.

TinyPilot's November update supports pasting arbitrarily long text (video sped up 8x).

Full changelog

For the full list of changes in TinyPilot Pro 2.6.2, see the changelog.

Updating to the latest version

You can update to the latest version of TinyPilot by clicking System > Update in the navigation bar:

The update button is located in the navbar under System

Written by Dave Brown, TinyPilot Support Engineer