What's New in TinyPilot's March 2024 Update

TinyPilot's March release allows you to manage your device's static IP address and improves menu navigation.

Assign your TinyPilot a static IP address

In most environments, your router assigns TinyPilot an IP address dynamically when your device boots up. This is a convenient way to manage devices on a network, but dynamic addresses also introduce complexity and a potential point of failure.

For networks where reliability is critical, you can eliminate a potential point of failure by assigning your TinyPilot a static IP address. The latest version of TinyPilot Pro makes it easier than ever to manage a static IP address for your TinyPilot.

The TinyPilot Static IP menu is open, showing a 'Static IP address' text box and a 'Router IP address' text box for setting network details.

Setting a static IP address.

If you've ever made a mistake adjusting network settings for one of your devices, you may have found yourself entirely locked out. It's a frustrating experience. So, TinyPilot makes sure you stay connected to your device even if you make a mistake in your network settings.

After you set a new static IP, TinyPilot will make sure that you can still connect to your device over the network. If your browser can't connect to your device again within 60 seconds, TinyPilot will automatically revert back to its last working network settings. This extra connectivity check saves you from the dreaded accidental lockout.

TinyPilot reverts its settings with a bad static IP (sequence sped up).

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a menu closing when you move your mouse slightly wrong?

The previous menu behavior meant menus could close prematurely.

Menus are now more forgiving when you move your mouse, so accessing and changing settings is much easier.

The new behavior keeps menus open for a short period, instead of immediately closing.

Full changelog

For the full list of changes in TinyPilot Pro 2.6.3, see the changelog.

Updating to the latest version

You can update to the latest version of TinyPilot by clicking System > Update in the navigation bar:

The update button is located in the navbar under System

Written by Dave Brown, TinyPilot Support Engineer