How do I import settings?

Note: Importing TinyPilot settings requires TinyPilot Pro 2.5.4 or later.


If you exported settings from a TinyPilot Pro system using the "Export Settings" functionality, you can import these settings from TinyPilot's command-line interface.

Copy settings

First, enable SSH, then run the following command to copy your settings file to your TinyPilot device:

# Replace the filename with the path of your settings file.

scp "${TINYPILOT_SETTINGS_FILE}" pilot@tinypilot:/tmp/tinypilot-pro-settings-export.tgz

Next, SSH into your TinyPilot device:

ssh pilot@tinypilot

Finally, run the following command on your TinyPilot device to import your settings:

sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/scripts/import-settings /tmp/tinypilot-pro-settings-export.tgz

Importing your settings takes a few minutes. During this process, your TinyPilot web interface will be unavailable.

When the script finishes, it outputs the following message:

Your previously exported TinyPilot settings were successfully imported to
this TinyPilot device.

Your TinyPilot web interface will restart with the settings you imported.