TinyPilot Power Connector

TinyPilot Power Connector


The TinyPilot power connector splits the Raspberry Pi 4B's USB-C port into a power input and a data output.

Maintain full, continuous power

The Raspberry Pi 4 requires 3 Amps of power for stable operation. A computer's USB port provides less than a third of that. The TinyPilot power connector allows you to connect your Pi to an external power source so it can receive the full 3 Amps it needs.

The connector ensures that your Pi stays running even when the target computer shuts down. This allows TinyPilot to power down its target computer without risking an unplanned shutdown of its own power.

Protect your hardware from power backflows

Critically, the TinyPilot Power Connector prevents damage to your hardware. Without a device like the TinyPilot Power Connector that prevents reverse current, power can flow incorrectly between your devices and cause permanent damage to your Pi or your motherboard.

Note: Always use the TinyPilot power connector with power supplies that provide power isolation. Virtually all modern power supplies isolate power, but if you're working with especially old (20+ years) or low-quality hardware, verify that it's power isolated.


  • 1x - USB-C to USB-A cable
    • Preferably 1' or shorter to minimize voltage drops in the cable.
  • 2x - USB-A to microUSB cables