Using to Access TinyPilot Remotely

It's easy to access your TinyPilot from within your local network, but what if you want to manage your device remotely?

There are several options for accessing your TinyPilot device over the Internet, but the easiest one to set up is through a provider called They offer free accounts for personal users, and you can set up your TinyPilot for remote access via in under 10 minutes.


  • A TinyPilot device
  • (strongly recommended) User authentication enabled with a strong username and password (available in TinyPilot Pro)
  • A account (accounts are free for personal use)

Install on your TinyPilot

SSH in to your TinyPilot device and enter the following commands to install's client:

sudo apt update && \
  sudo apt install -y remoteit

Register your device with

After you install the package on your TinyPilot, visit from a computer on the same local network as your TinyPilot.

Click the "Register" button to register your device. register device page

The web interface will prompt you to log in. Enter your login credentials. register device page

After logging in, click "Set up remote access". register device page

Now, you will see a prompt for which services to enable. register device page

Click the checkboxes next to the services you need:

  • ssh: (optional) Allows you to access TinyPilot's command line interface remotely.
  • http: (required for TinyPilot Community Edition) Provides remote access to the TinyPilot web interface.
  • https: (required for TinyPilot Pro) Provides remote access to the TinyPilot web interface.
  • http-alt: Leave this unchecked.
  • remoteit-admin: (optional) Allows remote access to's admin interface for your device.

Click "Register" and then wait for registration to complete.

Access your device remotely

After you register your device with, you can access your TinyPilot remotely by visiting and signing in with your credentials.

From the dashboard, click "Connect," and then click either http or https depending on which version of TinyPilot you're using.

  • TinyPilot Pro: https
  • TinyPilot Community Edition: http

Connected to TinyPilot via

You should now see your TinyPilot web dashboard. You can access your TinyPilot from anywhere on the Internet through this URL or by visiting your account dashboard.

Connected to TinyPilot via

Tuning performance

TinyPilot's performance is noticeably slower through You will likely see longer delays before your target machine registers your mouse or keyboard input.

To improve TinyPilot's performance over the Internet, see the support article about reducing TinyPilot's latency.

Other remote access options is one of several ways to access your TinyPilot remotely. Its performance is not the fastest, but it's easier to set up than any other solution I've found.

You can find other options on TinyPilot's support article for cloud access.

Written by Michael Lynch, TinyPilot Founder and CEO