What's New in TinyPilot's January 2022 Update

TinyPilot's January release improves the user interface and gives you more control over your device's security.

If you've visited the TinyPilot website recently, you may have noticed our new logo.

Plane taking off in a terminal window

Although I'm sad to say goodbye to TinyPilot's original chipmunk logo, I love our new, simpler logo. And so the most conspicuous change in the latest release is that it has our new logo:

TinyPilot's new logo in the upper left corner of the web dashboard

Improving experience on smaller screens

TinyPilot has a responsive design, so it scales down the remote screen view on small screens or when you make your browser window narrower.

Where TinyPilot didn't adapt well was wide-but-short sizes. If you viewed your TinyPilot web dashboard in a wide, short browser window, you'd be unable to see your target computer's entire screen without scrolling:

Screenshot of TinyPilot cutting off the bottom of a remote screen

In the latest release, TinyPilot scales both horizontally and vertically so that you always have a full view of your remote screen:

TinyPilot rescaling horizontally and vertically

Thanks to contributor @djclueless for submitting this fix.

Privacy-friendly log sharing

In early 2021, TinyPilot added diagnostic logs to your web dashboard.

TinyPilot's log viewing feature allows you to inspect your logs when things don't work how you expect. It also provides an easy way for you to share your logs in our support forum.

Screenshot of TinyPilot Debug Logs dialog, highlighting the Get Shareable URL button

But logs can contain sensitive information. If your logs contain a line like mike1234 logged in at 12:04 pm, maybe you don't want to share it on a public support forum.

In this release, TinyPilot gives you the ability to strip sensitive information from your logs before sharing them. Now, you can enable "Hide Sensitive Data," which will exclude all sensitive log entries when you share your logs.

The "Hide Sensitive Data" feature automatically removes sensitive data from your diagnostic logs before you share them.

As always, TinyPilot never uploads your logs or usage information unless you actively choose to share it. You always retain full control over the data you share when you request technical support.

Manage SSH access from the web

TinyPilot devices offer SSH access, which gives you the ability to change any setting of your device or install additional tools.

Because SSH is so powerful, it's important to manage its functionality securely. If you don't need SSH, you can improve your device's security by disabling SSH access.

In the latest TinyPilot release, you can enable and disable SSH access from the TinyPilot web interface. TinyPilot will also present a warning on the security screen if you're using insecure SSH credentials.

Screenshot of TinyPilot Debug Logs dialog, highlighting the Get Shareable URL button

Full changelog

For the full list of changes in TinyPilot Pro 2.3.2, see the changelog.

Updating to the latest version

You can update to the latest version of TinyPilot by clicking System > Update in the navigation bar:

The update button is located in the navbar under System

Written by Michael Lynch, TinyPilot Founder and CEO