How do I factory reset my TinyPilot device?

Note: These instructions apply only to TinyPilot Pro.


If things go haywire with your TinyPilot device, you can factory reset it back to the original settings by re-flashing the microSD card.


For these instructions, you'll need:

  • A microSD writer

  • A microSD card (at least 8 GB)

    • Can be the same microSD that shipped with your TinyPilot as long as there's no physical damage
  • Balena Etcher

    • A free, open source tool for writing microSD images

No microSD card writer?

If you don't have a microSD card writer on hand you can boot TinyPilot from a USB drive instead.

Download the TinyPilot microSD image

First, download the TinyPilot microSD image from our download page.

Flash the image

  1. Insert a microSD card into your microSD writer
  2. Insert the microSD writer into your computer
  3. Open Balena Etcher
  4. Click "Flash from File"
  5. Select the TinyPilot Pro .img file you downloaded previously
  6. Click "Select target"
  7. Check the box next to your microSD card drive and hit "Select"
  8. Finally, click the "Flash" button

When the flash is complete, you'll see this screen "Flash Complete!" screen:

Insert your newly-flashed microSD into your TinyPilot device, and then power it on. The first boot will take 3-5 minutes to complete.