Download TinyPilot Image

To download the latest TinyPilot microSD image, enter either:

  • Your TinyPilot order number and the email address you used to check out.
  • Your 17-digit Amazon order number and the email address associated with your Amazon account.


TinyPilot Pro image downloads are available to customers who purchased a TinyPilot device or TinyPilot Pro license within the last 12 months.

If you made your purchase more than a year ago, please consider renewing your TinyPilot Pro software license for continued access to the latest software updates and access to TinyPilot's full range of technical support resources.


If you encounter issues downloading your TinyPilot Pro image, please contact us for support.

Thank you for purchasing a TinyPilot Pro license!

Your purchase helps fund continued improvement and additional features for TinyPilot.

Installation options

Option 1: Install microSD image (recommended)

For most users, the easiest way to install TinyPilot Pro is to download a microSD image:

If you need help writing this image to your TinyPilot's microSD card, see our guide to flashing a TinyPilot image.

If you built your own TinyPilot device, you should instead download the Hobbyist microSD image.

Option 2: Install from command-line

To install TinyPilot Pro on an existing system, SSH into your TinyPilot or Raspberry Pi device and run the following commands:

curl -L | sh \
    && sudo reboot

After the system reboots, you can access the TinyPilot web interface securely over HTTPS through the following address:

Where can I use TinyPilot Pro?

You can install TinyPilot Pro on one device for each license that you purchase.

The license grants you perpetual usage on that device and free updates for one year.

If you purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2a from the TinyPilot store or an authorized reseller, it automatically includes a TinyPilot Pro license.

You can purchase additional licenses at any time.