How do I reset my TinyPilot password?

Note: These instructions apply only to TinyPilot Pro.


If you forget the credentials to your TinyPilot web interface, you can reset the password by deleting TinyPilot's database.

Warning: Deleting your TinyPilot database resets some settings you may have configured within the TinyPilot web interface.

Option 1: Reset via SSH

If you have SSH access to your TinyPilot, you can reset your password with the following commands:

sudo service tinypilot stop && \
  sudo mv /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db.bak && \
  sudo service tinypilot start

If you reload the web interface, you will find that the password prompt has been removed.

Option 2: Reset by mounting the microSD

If you don't have SSH access to your device, you can still reset the TinyPilot database by mounting the microSD card on a separate Linux-based machine.

  1. Power off your TinyPilot device.
  2. Using a microSD to USB writer, mount the TinyPilot's microSD card on the Linux-based machine.
  3. On the microSD's root partition, named rootfs, delete the file /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db.
  4. Unmount the microSD.
  5. Insert the microSD back into your TinyPilot device.
  6. Power up the TinyPilot.

When the TinyPilot boots, you will find that the password prompt has been removed.

Option 3: Factory reset the device

If no other password reset method works, you'll need to factory reset your device to regain access.